Madagascar 2

Help the characters from the movie franchise get away to Africa


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  • License Trial version
  • Size 824.00 MB
  • Works under Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Language English
  • Program by Activision

Play the bland licensed game tie-in to the popular movie, Madagascar 2

When a new movie hits the theaters, studios will often finance a video game to be published along side and capitalize on the buzz created by the movie. Unfortunately these games have a history of being pushed out on small budget with very little thought put into them. Madagascar 2 is no exception to this rule. The navigation, missions and mini games are bland, messy and tough to follow. The redeeming quality of the game is likely that it was never meant to be for more mature gamers and is pointed at a younger audience but honestly, there isn't much here to hold the interest of their target demographic either.

Game Play

The game is laid out to follow the movie in most regards, but it does a poor job of making it clear what to do next. The game is centered around a 'water pool' location from which all previous areas are accessible as well as all unlocked areas. Except the world is basically open without any clear cut pointers to show where you need to go next. Most of the games are platform type run and jump games that have the player hitting certain objectives. Try for better scores and times, but you likely won't try for long. The play is pretty flat and there really isn't a great reward for enduring the bad mechanics. Different characters have different strengths, of course, and collecting monkey's is kind of a nice aside and nod to the movie, but overall the game play falls flat.


In such a vibrant movie as Madagascar 2, there were tons of opportunities for some great visuals and there are some nice graphics and character designs, although nothing too noteworthy. All the characters from the movie are presented visually without all the humor of the movie. Movie clips shown here and there will progress the game towards the movies concussion, but there aren't any detours when it comes to story telling. All in all the presentation has the appearance of a product that was rushed out on a budget. it's all there, but only barely.


  • Nice enough graphics and all the characters from the movie are playable


  • Scattered organization of the game will leave players wondering 'where to now?'
  • Game play falls flat and is largely not entertaining
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